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Nebula’s Executive Team is comprised of industry experts driven by enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit. The Advisory Board includes leading voices from the defense, aerospace technology, cybersecurity, blockchain, and computing industries.

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Nebula Compute will launch and install ServerSats™ and significant cloud computing capability in space.


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We can connect 8 billion people, reduce carbon use by 20 gigatons, and operate independent of Earth’s water and fossil fuels. Together, we can make history.



AWARDEd Direct To PHASe 2

Space FoRCE Contract



Nebula Compute’s strategic global partnerships are built on integrity unified by a vision to achieve secure superiority in space.

NebuCompute’s exclusive partnership with NebuCyber assures access and superiority in the Space Domain. We provide Space Threat Intelligence that enables responsive detection and characterization of objects in orbit.

As a cutting edge, deep tech R&D lab innovating on proven distributed ledger principles, Fabrx is powering the next generation of space-native data infrastructure for government, enterprise, and the scientific community.


Provides superior communications to support Nebula Compute’s efforts to achieve superiority in space.

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Nebula Compute

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The Space Race for Freedom

Watch Your Place in Space Podcast, Ep 1. Nebula CEO Michael Bloxton and Lt. General Steven Kwast, USAF (RET) discuss the necessity of freedom in the skies.

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Space Powers in The World Today

Dr. Namrata Goswami highlights who the global space powers are and how they contend in the current space race.

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Space Without Limits

Nebula Compute is bringing Data Centers to space. Nebula Compute’s CEO Michael Bloxton explains how and why.

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Why Nebula, Why Now

With the great opportunity space presents, comes the potential for great profit, a struggle for power, and a resulting potential for human exploitation.