Nebula Compute



Nebula Space Enterprise, Inc. was founded to provide humanity with access to deep space and infinite resources.

Nebula Space Enterprise, Inc. is currently comprised of five entities:
Fabrx, Nebula Cybersecurity, Nebula Compute, Nebula Incubator, and Nebula Media.

The five sister companies work to achieve space superiority and secure freedom in the space domain.

Fabrx – As a cutting edge, deep tech R&D lab innovating on proven distributed ledger principles, Fabrx is powering the next generation of space-native data infrastructure for government, enterprise, and the scientific community.

Nebula Cybersecurity – NebuCyber provides resilient space cyber security to defend the Nation in the Space Domain. NebuCyber delivers managed space security operations for Department of Defense capabilities on Nebula Compute Contracts. NebuCyber is space-based and quantum powered with more sensor data, computing power, and accuracy than competitors in the industry.